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1602, 2017

Live-Action “Ballarina” on Dan Schneider’s “Game Shakers” is Hysterical

If you’re a huge fan of Dan Schneider’s “Game Shakers,” then you probably know there’s an app out called “Ballarina.” It’s a fun game where you basically smash your way through insane race tracks to finish first against other racers.

Among the things you can smash into are running butts, ballerinas, and exploding daisies. Based on the description alone, you can tell this game is unforgettable.

Did you catch the Game Shakers using their high-tech motion capturing software to build the game? Check it out in this hilarious clip from “Babe’s Bench” the crew tests out the new game idea with real-life ballerinas. Well, maybe not actual ballerinas… but close enough.

While Hudson loads himself up into a blow-up ball, Triple G sets up all the “ballerinas.” Not long after, Hudson comes barreling down the floor, knocking them off their feet one by one.

Trip is more than pleased, exclaiming that the game is “fun for the whole family.” We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess it’s a little less fun for the ballerinas, though!

As hilarious as it is watching live ballerinas get blown off their feet, it’s just as fun doing it yourself in the game. Even better: no real ballerinas, daisies, or butts are actually harmed! It’s all digital, dude.  

In the game, players get to roll around as their own customizable zebra, wearing different costumes and other special items too. With so many power-ups lying around the track, you can make things interesting when playing with friends or random opponents.

“Ballarina” is free on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iTunes Store, so go download it right away!

Game Shakers” is an American live-action sitcom, created by Dan Schneider, currently airing on Nickelodeon. The series stars Cree Cicchino and Madisyn Shipman as pre-teens that start a multimillion dollar gaming company and take on a rap superstar, played by Kel Mitchell, as their business partner. The series is produced by Dan Schneider, an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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1402, 2017

Dan Schneider Throwback: Quinn’s Secret Past on “Zoey101”

We all have things in our past that we aren’t so proud of…

Whether it’s a ridiculous baby picture, a cringe-worthy tween journal entry, or that inexplicable hair choice on picture day, if you go about your life hoping that no one ever convers one particular detail of your past—well, take solace. You are not alone!

For Quinn Pensky, the smartest student at PCA (and Zoey’s best friend) on “Zoey101,” that source of historic shame is a video from when she was five, performing a ribbon dance routine in a beauty pageant.

When an old acquaintance from her pageant days (special guest Janel Parrish) shows the video to her friends, she gives away Quinn’s not-so-deep, dark secret. And yes, it’s pretty cute—in everyone’s opinion but Quinn’s, anyway!

What’s so bad about a beauty pageant, anyway? If you know Quinn, just about everything. As a young, female innovator that prides herself on her intelligence and “Quinnventions,” it’s easy to see why she’d think this revelation could tarnish her reputation.

As Quinn frantically explains, “It was before I turned seven and realized my true passion for intellectual superiority over all others!”

When her then-boyfriend Mark assures her that the video is nothing less than adorable, and doesn’t diminish anyone’s respect for her, Quinn’s panic subsides. She even puts on a little show for him. It turns out one can be intellectually superior and great with ribbon routines!

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Quinn had nothing to be worried about. That’s kind of how it goes: the things in the past that embarrass us most aren’t ever nearly as bad from an outsider’s perspective. And let’s face it, at age 5, just about everything you do is cute.

Whatever the case, remember that your mistakes and secrets may be part of you, but they don’t change a thing about the unique person you’ve become since—especially to those that care for you most!

Zoey 101” is an American teen drama series created by Dan Schneider. “Zoey 101” aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons, from 2005 to 2008, starring Jamie Lynn Spears and Paul Butcher as brother and sister attending boarding school in Southern California. The series was created and produced by Dan Schneider, an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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1302, 2017

4 Swoon-Worthy Romances From Classic Dan Schneider Shows

Whether you watch Dan Schneider TV shows for the humor, the acting, or the zany plots, you have to admit that there are some super sweet romances along the way! From established couples to “will they, won’t they” pairings, there are quite a few Nickelodeon couples we loved, and in some cases are still rooting for.

Here are the top five romances from Dan Schneider TV shows, and why they inspire us on Valentine’s Day and every day!

  1. Zoey and Chase from “Zoey101”

Sigh! Zoey and Chase, as both a platonic and romantic couple, have been driving “Zoey101” fans crazy for over a decade. As evidenced by Dan Schneider’s exclusive video “What Did Zoey Say?,” which catches up with Chase ten years later, the two were meant to be from the very beginning.

Chase, of course, had a crush on Zoey for the entire run of the series. Zoey’s feelings were always more complicated, though she eventually realized that the feeling was mutual. The video clip strongly hints that the two could reunite in adulthood!

  1. Josh and Mindy from “Drake & Josh”

Though between Drake and Josh, Drake is clearly the ladies man, it’s Josh that gets the best romance on “Drake & Josh.” Mindy Crenshaw started out as Josh’s rival, beating him in the Science Fair among other competitions. But when the two are paired up, she confesses that she likes him. The two end up dating, breaking up, and then getting back together in the series finale.

There’s nothing like some healthy competition between partners, and we admire that Mindy, like Josh, is as ambitious as she is passionate!

  1. The “iCarly” Love Triangle

One of the most engaging forces in Dan Schneider’s “iCarly” is the love triangle between Carly, Freddie, and Sam. Both Carly and Sam date Freddie briefly, and though the end of the series hints that a Carly/Freddie pairing is likely, there are enough diehard “Seddie” shippers to keep hope alive.

An upcoming episode of “Game Shakers” even teases a resolution to this love triangle, which the Game Shakers are as obsessed with as anyone else. Does the episode give us an answer? You’ll have to watch it yourself to see!

  1. Beck and Jade from “Victorious” 

While some other couples on Dan Schneider TV shows build up to the start of a relationship, Jade and Beck from “Victorious” are perhaps the steadiest couple out there — and admirable for that reason! Considering Jade’s sometimes-difficult personality and Beck’s “pretty boy” reputation, the two make a surprisingly great pair.

Though they do break up once, the two get back together quickly once Beck confesses he never stopped loving Jade. Forget chocolates and roses! A spark like theirs is what every die-hard romantic is after.

Who are your favorite Nickelodeon couples? Let us know!

Dan Schneider is an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer. Dan Schneider has devoted his life to behind-the-scenes production of hit shows on Nickelodeon including “All That,” “The Amanda Show,” “Kenan & Kel,” “Drake & Josh,” “Zoey 101,” “iCarly,” “Victorious,” “Sam & Cat,” “Henry Danger,” and “Game Shakers.”

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