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210, 2017

Check out Sean Ryan Fox’s Music Video: Indestructible

On Dan Schneider’s “Henry Danger,” Sean Ryan Fox plays Henry’s affable and helplessly goofy best friend, Jasper. In real life, Sean Ryan Fox is charming, hilarious, down-to-earth, AND an awesome singer-songwriter. We’ve GOT to talk about Sean Ryan Fox’s catchy music video for his debut single “Indestructible.”

In the music video, Sean Ryan Fox plays a nerdy character who is too scared to talk to his crush — played by Nickelodeon’s Lilimar — who works at a coffee shop. As the video progresses, Sean’s awkward and clumsy character imagines he’s the suave stud who catches Lilimar’s character when she falls and escorts her on a romantic trip to the beach.

In the chorus of the song, Sean croons, “Sometimes I wonder/If I was superman/Would you take my hand?” as he looks longingly at his crush.

Towards the end, he accidentally stops a robber from stealing his crush’s purse. It seems Sean’s character is an everyday superhero… and he doesn’t need to lose the glasses or wear fancier clothes to have a positive impact on someone.

The music video contains an even deeper meaning for viewers. In a recent interview, Sean mentioned that he wanted to write “Indestructible” to show people that it was okay to be themselves. He says that people will like you for just being yourself in the end… nerdiness and all!

We think this lyric sums it up perfectly: “Sometimes love can make you feel less than zero/Everyone’s gotta find their superhero!”

While the song helps viewers see the power of self-confidence, Sean says the superhero theme was also inspired by his love of Marvel’s comic book characters.

This music video definitely inspires us. We’re sure that the lyrics and message of “Indestructible” will stand the test of time. Plus, it’s always great to see one of our favorite Nickelodeon stars succeed in his solo career. As an added bonus, Nickelodeon actors Riele Downs and Jaheem Toombs make appearances, too!

Check out the music video below and tell us what you think!

2109, 2017

Frankie Grande Returns for Dan Schneider’s “Henry Danger: Live & Dangerous” Special

Looking for a grande finale to an awesome TV show? Part two of Dan Schneider’s “Henry Danger: Live & Dangerous” special is sure to please Henry Danger fans as it concludes the crazy edge-of-your-seat drama of the Live & Dangerous special with a scene so jaw-droppingly gross, you might scream! Best of all, YouTube star and singing sensation Frankie Grande is back as the wild, dynamic, and villainous Frankini!


If you’ve seen part one, you know Kid Danger and Captain Man fell victim to Frankini’s mind-controlling underwear, “Frankini Bottoms.” In part two, Frankini continues to force Kid Danger and Captain Man to do weird stuff like eat worm dip and participate in a beauty pageant. His evil plan is to film the crazy antics of the heroes until he reaches a record-breaking 10 million live stream viewers– with one huge catch– once he reaches 10 million viewers, he’s going to reveal Captain Man and Kid Danger’s true identities!  

However, while Frankini plans on breaking the internet, Piper– Henry’s little sister and Captain of the Man Fans– has her own plan to save the day! She promises to release a video of her popping Jasper’s huge pimple… but only if she gets more views than Frankini! Will they be rescued?! Tune in to find out if Frankini forces our heroes to reveal their identities or if Piper can save the day.

And remember, Dan Schneider created this role specifically for Frankie Grande, brother of Ariana Grande. Previously, Frankie Grande said that this role was a dream come true for him. Frankie also added: “A lot of it is over-the-top anyway because it’s such a great character. He’s so over-the-top! It’s awesome.”

In the meantime, watch Part One’s After Party episode where cast members Jace Norman (Henry Hart/Kid Danger) and Ella Anderson (Piper Hart) play a game of Mind Control where they try to say the special’s plot super fast. Also on the after show, you can also see an exclusive behind-the-scenes clips of Kid Danger, Captain Man, and Goomer participating in “Frankie Says”, a super funny version of “Simon Says”.

What do you think, Dangerverse? Will Frankie break the internet? Find out in the epic conclusion, premiering on Saturday, September 23rd at 8p/7c on Nickelodeon!

Henry Danger” is an American superhero TV comedy, created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen, currently airing on Nickelodeon. The series follows a 13-year-old boy, played by Jace Norman, who lands a job as the sidekick of a local superhero. “Henry Danger” is produced by Dan Schneider, an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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1508, 2017

In Case You Missed It: “Schneider’s Bakery” Set Featured in “Henry Danger!”

One of the most awesome parts of Nickelodeon’s Schneiderverse? The easter eggs hidden throughout its many series and episodes! Showrunner/producer Dan Schneider is known for his clever references to former Nick shows, characters, and behind-the-scene tidbits. Super-fans pick up on them from time to time, but there always a few that slide totally under the radar!

Well, one of his more recent references is a pretty cool one. In the “Henry Danger” two-part episode “Hour of Power” (the amazing episode where Henry first gets his super-speed powers), one of the sets is a bakery called “Schneider’s Bakery.” If you’re thinking, duh, Schneider is Dan’s last name, hold onto your horses, because this egg has layers of meaning!

Schneider’s Bakery is the name of Dan Schneider’s production company, but not everyone realizes the name’s history and how meaningful it is to Dan. Before it was a production company, Schneider’s Bakery was a real, bonafide bakery, founded by Dan’s grandfather!

So when Henry and Drex fought among the pastries in “Hour of Power,” it wasn’t just a reference to Dan or his production company — it was a tribute to Dan’s grandpa and his historic bake shop. Pretty cool, right?

Dan is extremely proud of Schneider’s Bakery’s history, and the replica set is one great example of the esteem he (still!) holds his grandfather’s shop in. Dan also has a cake from the original bakery frozen and stashed away for good luck! Whether it’s still edible is anyone’s guess.

This amazing two-parter is definitely worth a rewatch, if not for the easter egg, for the drama, the fight sequences, the laughter, and the intrigue! All in a day’s work on the set of “Henry Danger,” but much like young Henry’s abilities, “Hour of Power” does not disappoint.

Henry Danger” is an American superhero TV comedy, created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen, currently airing on Nickelodeon. The series follows a 13-year-old boy, played by Jace Norman, who lands a job as the sidekick of a local superhero. “Henry Danger” is produced by Dan Schneider, an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer.

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